Dr Vincent Cahill

Dr Vincent Cahill


Provider No. 4054525Y I B.Sc (Clinical) I M.H.Sc (Osteo)

Vin was born and raised in Country Victoria and moved to Melbourne to start his 5 year Osteopathic Masters degree in 2000. Since completing his degree he has worked in busy successful clinics in Melbourne, Tasmania and Brisbane. He also has enjoyed some volunteer work in an orphanage in Cambodia and at the Mother Teresa hospital in India.

Vin is experienced with acute and chronic injuries and has special interests in treating sports injuries, acute and chronic spinal pain and headaches. He has also treated a range of young athletes including dancers and as of late cross fit athletes. Vin loves the holistic approach of Osteopathy and likes discovering the root cause of someones pain. 

Vin enjoys travelling and keeping fit. He used to be an avid footballer but now enjoys running, riding, swimming. He enjoys a good book and a bad joke. He loves the active outdoor lifestyle the Sunshine Coast provides.

Dr Greg Oliver

Dr Greg Oliver


Provider No. 5049532B I B.Clin.Sc, M.Osteo.Med Member O.A

Dr Greg Oliver believes that your body is the only object you have that is truly yours and will be with you for your entire life. It needs to be well looked after so you can live your life to it’s potential.

With this philosophy in mind, Greg provides a holistic approach to his treatment which is not only about relieving pain and improving how you move, but also in educating people on how they can develop their own health with exercise and lifestyle choices. His goal is to allow your body to perform reliably without pain and to reduce its chance of failure.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Clinical Science (Human Structure and Function & Osteopathy) as well as a Master of Osteopathic Studies from Southern Cross University. A family man and true Sunshine Coast local, he is a lifelong surfer who also enjoys yoga, stand-up paddle boarding and is an active patrolling member at Mets Surf Club in Caloundra.

He was drawn to Osteopathy due to its emphasis on assessing and treating the whole person. Greg has developed a strong reputation for the management and resolution of Lumbar Spine complaints, in particular Lumbar disc injuries, prolapses and degeneration of the spine. Greg has done post graduate studies in this area including the internationally renowned McGill Method for treating and managing low back pain.

Dr Kieran Schulz

Dr Kieran Schulz


Provider: 4433966H I B.Sc. (Hons) I D.O.

Dr Kieran Schulz is passionate about getting people out of pain, moving well again and educating patients on preventive measure for injuries.

Kieran completed his studies at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, England and returned to his native Queensland to work across clinics in Brisbane, Maleny and here at Advanced Health. Through his travels and working along side some fantastic Osteopaths he has gained a wealth of training and experience.

He is a passionate Osteopath who enjoys the diversity of general practice, though he is especially interested in treating work-related postural strain (anyone reading this hunched over a computer!), injuries in runners and swimmers, and has completed further studies in dry needling.

Kieran prides himself on his personal approach to patient care and likes to offer concise, effective, practical treatment and management plans to ensure long term results with all his clients.

When he's not at work Kieran pretends to be retired - spending his time gardening, hiking, getting creative with pottery, swimming, running, dreaming about architecture and wondering what's for dinner.

Dr Rachel Poustie

Dr Rachel Poustie


Provider No. 2535735X I B.App.Sc. (Clinical) I B. Osteo.Sc.

Dr Rachel Poustie grew up in country Victoria and knew she wanted to be an Osteopath from the age of 15, after drawing inspiration from seeing a brilliant Osteo when suffering a serious injury. From that point she was laser focused on making her dream a reality.

Rachel studied Osteopathy at RMIT in Melbourne and graduated in 2003 with a double degree. She has worked in Bendigo, Victoria where she owned her own clinic.

She grew up playing high level basketball and continues to be passionate about sport and developing athletes. Now that she has settled on the Sunshine Coast running is her current passion with all the beautiful scenery to take in, and running around after her busy family!

Since joining the team at Advanced Health, Rachel has made herself known as the ‘tendon expert’. With the use of Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT), Rachel treats chronic tendinopathies that have typically been unresponsive to other types of therapy.

Conditions that she most commonly treats with RSWT include:

  • Plantarfasciitis

  • Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Rotator Cuff Tendinosis

  • Gluteal Tendinopathy

  • Tennis Elbow

  • Patella Tendinopathy

Rachel is a master of her trade in Radial Shockwave Therapy. This is revolutionary technology that accelerates healing and assists recovery in conditions that otherwise may take forever to recover.

Dr Lauren Kidston

Dr Lauren Kidston


Provider No. 4891849L I B.Sc (Clinical) I M.H.Sc (Osteo)

Dr Lauren Kidston was born and raised here on the Sunshine Coast and enjoyed an active and sport filled childhood. Through sporting injuries as a teenager, she discovered Osteopathy and it sparked her interest in pursuing it as a career.

Lauren studied Osteopathy at Victoria University in Melbourne attaining her Bachelor and Masters degrees. Coming from a sport loving family, Lauren loved living in the sporting capital of Melbourne for a number of years before returning home to Queensland.

One of the things Lauren enjoys most about being an Osteopath is connecting with her patients. She loves the holistic nature of being an Osteopath- not only in looking at the body and how it functions, but in the way each body needs to work differently from person to person.

Lauren treats patients of all ages, including children and babies. She has found her clinical passion in treating women who are pregnant and supporting them through their pre/postnatal journeys. She enjoys being a part of her patient’s ‘team’ to provide manual therapy, advice and support, education and exercises when necessary.

Outside of work Lauren is a local at the dog beach with Polly, her Border Collie or can be found enjoying a good book, a coffee or with her family watching a footy game.

Dr Patrick Mudge

Dr Patrick Mudge


Provider No. 2642057W I B.Sc (Clinical) I M.H.Sc (Osteo)

Patrick has almost 15 years experience as an Osteopath and approaches each and every patient with a profound understanding of their biomechanics.  He is professional and thorough, and has a reputation for identifying and treating the predisposing and causative reasons for a patient to experience pain or injury. 

With such an extensive history working in Melbourne, Bendigo, Shepparton and the Sunshine Coast, Pat can approach a wide variety of problems with the same in-depth methodology to get to the root cause and assist in treatment, rehabilitation and management. 

Apart from being a brilliant osteopathic diagnostician, Pat is a serious runner and will provide practical rehabilitation advice along with his treatment for the beginner through to the Olympic runner.  

Dr Tim Ellis

Dr Tim Ellis


Provider No. 5789622Y I B.Clin.Sc, M.Osteo.Med Member O.A

Dr Tim Ellis moved to the Sunshine Coast after growing up in Northern New South Wales. Tim graduated from Southern Cross University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Master of Osteopathic studies. He has also completed further studies in dry needling.

As an athlete, Tim has considerable experience with pain, injury and rehab, from CrossFit through to rugby. He has worked with athletes of all ages, but has a strong focus on those with back and neck complaints. 

Tim is also passionate about the treatment and management of current, ex-serving Defence personnel and DVA patients, as he has been a member of the Australian Army Reserves for over 5 years. He uses this understanding to tailor a treatment and management plan specifically towards you, as an individual.

Tim has a strong bio-mechanical approach to his patients and adapts his diagnostic and treatment techniques to cater for all of his patient’s needs.  With a profound understanding of how each body part interconnects with another, Tim can assist no matter how minor or major the presenting complaint is. 


Stacy Fay

Stacy Fay


Adv Dip. Myotherapy I I.R.M.A. Myotherapist

Stacy Fay (Mateuszczyk) Relocated to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne in 2006. She has been in practise for 17 years and holds an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, a Post Graduate in Musculoskeletal Management and a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science. Prior to moving to the coast Stacy also tutored Anatomy. Stacy is well-established on the coast with her husband Mick and has 3 daughters Marley, Pippa and Lexi.

Muscular Health relocated in 2010 to Buderim from Alexander Headland and is currently located at Burnett Street, Buderim. Stacy is renowned for her excellence in dry needling techniques and is regarded amongst her peers as one of the most experienced in her field. She is regularly referred to by local GP’s, podiatrists, physiotherapist, osteopaths and orthopaedic Surgeon’s amongst other allied health professionals.

Stacy has a particular interest in neck and shoulder pain, postural syndrome and lower limb biomechanics. As part of being a leading Myotherapist Stacy also acts a clinician to her associate Myotherapists and assists in a wide range of muscular dysfunction and injury.

Miss Domonique Doyle

Miss Domonique Doyle


Provider No. 5681453X I B. Soc. Sc (Psychology), M. Sports & Ex Psych. Member APS

Domonique is a registered general psychologist and performance psychologist who has valuable experience working with children and adults across a broad range of areas. Domonique is dedicated to assisting individuals requiring help dealing with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, life transitions and stress management. 


Domonique has an approachable, positive, and client-centred style. She has been a mental health case manager for several years, providing education, support, and counselling to individuals facing a diversity of mental health issues. Domonique uses evidence-based therapies in her work, with a preference for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness-Based interventions. 


Domonique is also an experienced performance psychologist who is passionate about assisting athletes and coaches to meet their sporting goals. Alongside a personal history of competing in sports (her favourite sport being running), Domonique has worked with several national and international sporting teams and provided support to individual athletes and teams at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

Domonique has particular interests in:


  • Stress management

  • Life transitions

  • Depression

  • Worry/anxiety/panic

  • Chronic pain

  • Addiction and substance use

  • Athlete wellbeing and mental health

  • Performance anxiety

  • Enhancing motivation and focus

  • Mental skill development for optimal performance 


Qualifications and experience:

Domonique is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a Medicare Australia approved service provider. She has a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology and also completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) with 1st class Honours. Domonique is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has an active presence in the mental health community on the Sunshine Coast.