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Dr Marshall Anderson

Dr Marshall Anderson


B.App.Sc. (Clinical) I B. Osteo.Sc.

Marshall grew up in Country Victoria, studying and working in Melbourne for 8 years, before moving to Launceston in 2009. For the past 13 years, Marshall has been working in and running his own osteopathy practice, Bodyfocus, which has grown to have 10 osteopaths plus support staff.

Marshall gets great satisfaction in improving the health and well-being of patients suffering from both acute and chronic pain. Marshall’s ability to communicate with people and make sure there is an understanding of their condition is an asset to his treatment and its success.

Marshall’s love of all sports and his understanding of the biomechanics behind differing sporting techniques makes his approach to treating sporting athletes of all levels effective. He has a broad understanding of the common injuries associated with different sports, unfortunately by experiencing most first-hand!

He has also undergone further training in treatment and management of tendon injuries, including the use of Shockwave Therapy. Marshall has also completed the Watson Headache Institute (TM) - Level 1 training, which has shown to be effective in managing patients suffering from headaches and migraines.

Marshall uses a wide range of techniques, including soft tissue massage and stretching, trigger point dry needling, as well as gentle joint manipulation in addressing many of the structural problems that arise when people experience pain or discomfort. Most patients will be given stretches, strengthening exercises, or postural/ergonomic advice to provide long-term relief.

In 2014, Marshall completed a Certificate in Level 1 Rehabilitation in Pilates, and also further training with Polestar Pilates International in 2015 to aid his patients’ rehabilitation.

Marshall loves spending his time away from work with his young family, playing  tennis or golf when he gets the chance, and working outside on his rural block just outside of Launceston. He is extremely excited moving to the Sunshine Coast with his family and to work with his great mate, Vin Cahill and the rest of the team at Advanced Health!

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