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Advanced Health have created a friendly, non-intimidating environment for people to improve their health and well-being in a supervised, small class setting.

Classes are run by our experienced in-house Exercise Physiologist Cameron in our purpose built gym at the Buderim clinic, and cater to all ages and abilities. Class numbers are capped to closely supervise technique and ensure everyone is getting the most out of their class. 

A private consultation with Cameron is required prior to joining a class in order to assess suitability and individual needs. 

Move Well Class

Designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility and restore balance to the body. This is a one-stop-shop for health! Ideal for anyone wanting to return to exercise after injury or chronic pain, and generally keeping fit for life. Suits all ages, moderate-advanced level. 

Active Ageing 60+ Community Class

A light-moderate exercise class focusing on building strength for activities of daily living, improving balance and general mobility and flexibility. This class is self-paced so it is ideal for anyone new to exercise or for those that have never experienced resistance training before. 

Health fund rebates available for all classes (check with individual funds under code 502 for 'Group Exercise Physiology'). 

Our Current Timetable: 

             Monday:                                                         Tuesday:                                             

       Active Ageing 1pm-2pm                                                  Move Well: 8am-9am

                                                                                      Active Ageing: 10am-11am

                                                                                      Active Ageing: 2pm-3pm 

             Thursday:                                                            Friday:


         Move Well 8am-9am                                                Active Ageing 10am-11am

      Active Ageing 10am-11am


Please call reception at Buderim clinic to book your class today: (07) 54562836

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