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Osteo Treatment for Kids


There can be many issues with Children's bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons that can cause pain.

The causes of musculo-skeletal pain can vary greatly with children, occasionally the pain can be associated with more serious conditions. Or pain can be a strain or sprain, growth related or simply from using one part of the body incorrectly.

To help diagnose the cause of your child's pain, our medically trained Osteopaths will first complete a thorough examination. Treatment will vary depending on our findings, individual symptoms and age etc.

Our Osteopaths use treatment techniques that are gentle, non-forceful and do not "crack" the bones of the spine. It is essential that your child feels reassured, calm and supported during our treatments. Children typically respond very well and in most cases do not require intensive, repetitive therapy unless more condition are diagnosed.

Put your mind at ease and get professional reassurance.

Call our friendly staff at Buderim ☎️0754562836, Birtinya 0752130800 or email

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