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Dr Hollie Buerckner

Dr Hollie Buerckner


B.App.Sc. (Clinical) I B. Osteo.Sc.

Dr Hollie Buerckner's journey into osteopathy was sparked by a unique combination of a passion for solving puzzles and an interest in the principles that form the foundation of osteopathy. Growing up in a sports-loving family, Hollie was able to learn the importance of health and how impactful allied health practitioners can be. 

Her personal experiences as a competitive swimmer, navigating through various sports-related injuries, deepened her understanding of the body's complexities and resilience. Driven by the belief in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, Hollie pursued a career in osteopathy. This path allowed her to blend her interests in health, wellness, and the intricate puzzles presented by each individual's physical condition.

Osteopathy's core principles resonated with Hollie's personal philosophy that our bodies are to be cherished and nurtured for optimal health and well-being. Hollie's dedication to osteopathy goes beyond treating patients; it's about inspiring them to embrace a proactive approach to their health. She emphasises the importance of a harmonious balance between physical activity, mental well-being, and listening to the body's inherent wisdom, aiming to empower individuals to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Outside of her professional life, Hollie's adventurous spirit thrives in the great outdoors. Whether she's surfing, rock climbing, or practicing yoga, these activities are not just hobbies but extensions of her holistio approach to life. They keep her physically active, mentally refreshed, and spiritually aligned with the natural world, reflecting the very essence of holistic health she promotes in her practice.

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