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2 Minutes with Dr Vincent Cahill Osteopath

Dr Vin Cahill Osteopath

Tell us a little about your background? Where were you brought up? What university, early career? I was born and raised in Bendigo, country Victoria. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and now 7 nieces and nephews. I went to University in Melbourne and completed the 5 year double degree with both Matthew and Patrick, my colleagues at Advanced Health. I have worked in Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane and volunteered work in Cambodia and India

Why did you get into the field of Osteopathic Medicine? What attracted you? I have a sister who is a Physiotherapist so I heard stories and liked the idea of working with and helping patients. I have always loved sport and the way the body moves which now I get to analyse and work with daily.

Has sport always been a passion of yours? What are you enjoying at the moment? I grew up playing AFL, soccer and cricket. Then, as I got older I concentrated on AFL which I loved however always injured. Since then I have started running, riding and swimming more and combining all three of them on occasions. I love the feeling of the whole body working together in harmony

What does your day to day work look like? I treat a wide range of patients. I treat a lot of young, up and coming sports people with sore knee's, shoulders, feet or other ailments. After working in Melbourne and Brisbane CBD's I have treated many people with desk and office related problems. I will see lots of tradesmen and budding gardeners (yes pun intended) with sore lower backs. Lots of patients with sore necks, Mum's with sore backs and headaches. I love the fact everyone is different and with every person comes a different injury/problem with its own set of aggrevating and lifestyle factors.

Highlights of your career so far? I have treated a Prime Minister which was interesting (having the Australian Secret service search your room and then wait outside). Treated the number 1 ranked female Cross Fit Australian in the world and have treated several Olympians and Commonwealth Games Athletes. I also have worked with some quite disabled children in Cambodia and felt that I made a huge difference to their life which really gives you a buzz.

What barriers do you think Osteopaths have to face? If any? Osteopathy in Queensland is a rapidly growing profession but relatively unknown. In Melbourne and in Tasmania, Osteopathy has been around for a long time and over this time they have become a respected and well utilised treatment modality. Osteopaths in these states are consistently working with General Practitioner's, Specialists across all fields and Psychologists to really help people to achieve the best outcomes. In Queensland because we are such a small and growing profession, patients and other health care practioners are often unaware of what we provide and the value of a more holistic approach to pain and injury. What's on the horizon for you? I bought a house here on the Coast over 12 months ago and have fallen in love with the lifestyle. I am hoping to put down some permanent roots and make this my home. Hopefully start a family and become the oldest AFL player to be drafted (35 years old isn't too old is it?).

For more information on Vin's profile click here. Appointments can be made via our website below or call directly 07 5456 2836

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