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There's Something In The Water

It's a Girl & it's a Girl Again!!

Advanced Health would love to congratulate both Dr Michelle Lilja & her Fiancé Danny and Dr Vin Cahill & wife Emily for the safe arrival of two adorable baby girls!!

Michelle's baby girl was born on Wednesday the 7th June, with Vin and Emily welcoming their daughter on Friday the 9th June.

We wish them all the best for this special time. As most of you are aware Michelle has been on Maternity Leave for a little while and Vin will now be taking a short break to spend time with his new family. On his return I'm sure he will have a new found appreciation for a fresh coffee!

Stacy Fay on Maternity Leave in 2 weeks!

There are still a few appointments left with Stacy before she goes on Maternity Leave in 2 weeks. If you don’t have an appointment yet – get in quick before she goes!

Whilst Stacy is on Maternity Leave we are pleased to let you know that Dempsey Ormrod is increasing his Myotherapy hours and is available to take care of your muscular needs.

Dempsey has been working alongside Stacy for over two years now and shares her philosophy in muscular health care.

So, as you can see there is something in our water, if anyone is wanting to hang around our water filter feel free, but perhaps just book in for an appointment at the same time!*

*Actual pregnancy not guaranteed, nor can we guarantee you will have a girl! We suggest you see an IVF specialist.

For more information on what our clinic can actually offer, including the treatment of back and neck pain, postural complaints and sports injuries, please click

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