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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a professional, manual therapy that uses an extensive variety of techniques, exclusively targeting the muscular system and the surrounding connective tissues.

Myotherapy restores your muscles to a healthier state, maximising their function. This results in better circulation, flexibility and recruitment of your muscles allowing the skeletal, nervous and circulatory systems to return to optimal levels of health.

Myotherapy's effectiveness and clinical application sets is apart from massage alone, ensuring that your muscular system has been comprehensively assessed, treated and restored.

Muscular therapy works best for:

* Neck and Back Tension

* Strains and Overuse Injury

* Muscle Imbalance around your Spine and/or Joints

* Generalised Muscle Aches and Pains

For more information or to book an appointment, call us on 07 54562836.

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