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Poor Concentration? Agitated?

Children are forever undergoing rapid changes in all aspects of their lives, particularly in regard to their physical development. Growth spurts, poor posture, increased sitting, carrying school bags, too much or too little exercise and of course technology use, all have significant effects on your child's body. Often, lack of concentration, agitation and tiredness, can be the first symptoms of your child experiencing discomfort or pain.

Our Osteopaths can assist in performing an assessment and examination of your child's spine, muscles, joints and development, identifying any problems that are nagging in the background. This process allows our Osteopaths to address underlying causes of your child's aches or pains. In doing so, we can provide relief and restore normal development with healthy muscle, joint and spine function.

We can also provide advice on how to strengthen posture, stretch tight muscles and instruct on how to sit correctly whilst at school or studying, preventing further injuries from occurring.

Often the first sign of a child in less pain or discomfort is better behaviour!

At Advanced Health, we cater for before and after school appointments and are open on Saturdays! 07 54562836

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